Mobile (SMS) marketing

Every company strives retain loyal customers and attract new ones. However, in the current economic situation, many are forced to cut costs, including promotion of goods, services or brand and customer service. That’s why SMS-marketing give to you complex of measures aimed at promoting goods or services through the use of cellular communication. This is a very interesting and inexpensive way to convey information to the target audience, to inform about new promotions and discounts, and so on. According to studies, promotional materials do not cause such rapid and massive response, like sending messages. In addition, marketers usually want to see statistics and Analytics, to possess accurate data to understand how many customers come, for example, from the website or from social networks. Mobile marketing allows all this information to collect. It is known, for example, that 95% of SMS recipients open and read them.

This tool is used by both small companies and big players in different industries, which have a formed client base: online shops and boutiques, entertainment venues, banks, Federal restaurant chain, dealerships, leasing companies, service, entertainment and shopping centers.