Information support

Stable and adequate presence in the media space – is one of the strategic objectives of a successful business in any industry. Competent management of the information flow allows you to create and maintain a positive company image, trusting to the brands, interest to certain goods and services.

The problem is particularly acute if the company claims to be a reliable investor, social and business partner. Rumors are born, when there is not enough reliable information. If information flows are not controlled, they will hurt your company. It is necessary to properly prepare and distribute valid information most correctly and quickly came through the media to the reader/listener/viewer.

The PR-agency "Pioneer" has the necessary resources and competencies to provide such services – as in complex, "turnkey", and in certain areas. Our team consists of journalists (the owners of a number of professional awards for regional and Federal levels), experienced editors, PR-managers. To arrange effective information support, should follow a certain algorithm of actions. For developing an effective PR-strategy you must first analyze the current situation (including to monitor mediaos), to define objectives and formulate tasks. Then selected or generated newsworthy, generated media plans, preparing source materials (press releases, comments, etc.), conducted PR-activities (briefings, press tours, round tables, etc.).

Evaluation of results is performed on the basis of regular monitoring and analysis of publications. Over the years, in the field of information support of PR-agency "Pioneer" has established cooperation with key mass-media in different regions of Russia, and also with a number of Federal publications. In addition, the Agency has experience working with foreign media-partners. This allows us to efficiently and timely address the challenges that confront our clients.