The leading designer of the Agency Dmitry Abramov told about the peculiarities of working with images:

- Dmitry, tell me, what is the purpose of your customers when they apply for design?
- The first reason is usually the creation or renewal of the company's image. The second is - applied design, that is, directly advertising materials aimed at increasing sales, attracting the attention of potential customers. And the third – the correct information about the use of the product or service. If we take into account the fact that modern people do not just want to visual perception of information, but also want to absorb it in the form of pictures and infographics, we help the company regardless of the product, as easy and beautiful to convey information to its customers.

- What stages does your work include?
- Initially, we brief the client, in parallel we develop the structure of the message, which will be communicated to the audience of the customer. Next, we develop design, infographics, taking into account the wishes of the client. Coordinate and print, if it is a printed product.

- How often do customers try to save money?
- Unfortunately, in an unstable economic situation in the company, begin to save on advertising and design. But this does not apply to our customers, because we understand that we live in a world of images, and the company's image and sales directly depend on how you present your idea, product or service to the buyer.

- Can the same designer deal with several types of graphic design?
- All graphic design includes a vast number of subspecies: eidetic (logos and branding) to create fonts and illustrations. If we mean whether the same designer can deal with web-design and printing, the answer is clear-Yes! But, in each of these areas there are differences and it is important to understand whether this or that designer is able to work in these areas, whether he knows their subtleties.

- Dmitry, tell me, what about the customers, what kind of specialist to trust the design of your company?
- The question is not easy, you see, because a person working in one direction becomes a specialist in it, but in the other direction there are gaps. Versatility in work, as well as a narrow specialty have a number of advantages and disadvantages, as in any other profession. Wagon performs a wider range of work at an acceptable level, and sometimes even slightly higher. A narrow specialist will do a better job than a wagon, but only in one direction. The station wagon is always better to keep in the state, and a narrow specialist to hire to help the staff - to perform a responsible task. At the same time, if the state does not assume the position of designer, it is best to contact the design studios, where the staff has both generalists and specialists. This will be an additional guarantee that your order will be executed at the proper level.

- How often do you need to update the design, corporate identity, update the site and logo?
- In fact, there are no specific deadlines. It's better not to overdo it. And it is better if it is a reasonable and necessary measure. The identity (logo, brand book, corporate identity) should be taken very seriously at the very beginning of work with clients, and even before the product or firm will be presented to the public. Updating the logo and corporate identity should be carried out only if you are sure that it will benefit, increase sales, improve perception and memorability. If it's just a desire to update, because "tired" and "want something new", it is often only harm. After all, identity is necessary to at any time, at any time, in any situation, a person in the head instantly pop up the image of your company (product), he immediately understood what you do or what you sell. Simple and classic examples: Coca Cola, Snickers, Twix, Disney, 20th century Fox, VTB, Aeroflot and others. When you read these names, surely you have in your head immediately pop up and the logo and color, and that sell or what services are provided. All well-known brands put a lot of effort to ensure that their brand caused a strong Association with customers. Rebranding occurs only when it becomes necessary as a result of new trends, but it does not change the overall appearance. The form remains the same, or the changes are minimal, so as not to violate the Association of the client. At the same time, a large advertising campaign is carried out after the changes. All of the above applies to the identity (logo, corporate identity, overall design). 
As for the site, everything is not more dynamic and depends on the type of activity of your company. Online stores and news portals should keep abreast of. In other cases, the sites are used as a business card where spread General information, and news and news posted on social networks. Now there is a trend to facilitate the appearance of corporate sites, so restyling, basically, goes in this direction.

- Is there a universal designer's advice to the client?
- You must like the style of the designer, for this you can see his portfolio. And the more clearly you set the task, the faster we will come to the result. Designers, though creative people, but the work plan at the initial stage like the most concrete.