Under the Sign of Black Cat

In July, the PR-agency "Pioneer" held an event, which can not be said. In business-hotel "Eurasia" hosted a meeting of the charity intellectual club #MassOnClub.

In the game, dedicated to medicine, the challenge was thrown to "Hospital for War-veterans." The guest of the club was the chief doctor of the hospital - Albert Yusupov, who prepared 18 difficult questions from the field of medicine, crisis management, biology and pharmacology. 
"This game of masons was held under the sign of a black cat, - told the President of #MassOnClub, the Director of the Agency Polina Garanina, - which means that everything said during the game remains among its participants, and is not taken out of the court. I hope that in August our main guests will choose a blue cat as a symbol of the meeting, and we will be able to share the most interesting questions with the readers".
The amount collected in favor of the Tyumen branch of the "Russian children's Fund" funds amounted to this time is 31 500 rubles. 
In between games, the guests were surprised by a specially invited Agency amazing Botanique bar, the first in Russia to prepare tea drinks with a coffee machine:
"A distinctive feature of our cocktails is the preparation of authentic tea drinks by the Strait through the Express machine," says Dmitry Timofeev, bartender of Botanique bar.this allows you to create analogues of recognizable drinks, such as cappuccino, and completely unique options such as natural ice-tea."