In Moscow Discussed the Issues of Charity and its Brand

PR-Agency "Pioneer" acted as an information partner of the annual conference of the newspaper "Vedomosti" - "Charity in Russia". This year they discussed the importance of the brand for charities and the reflection of good deeds in painting. 
"Of course, the impact of the crisis on charity is huge, so the discussion about what to do in the conditions of General cost optimization, and the experience of survival in the new economic reality, were relevant," - told the Director of "Pioneer" Polina Garanina.
The most numerous meeting was "Brand and Charity", which discussed whether it is necessary to brand the project. And what does the charity branding give to busyness?
"I was pleased that there was not a single unnecessary statement, I heard an adequate assessment of the situation from the participants of the forum", - says Svetlana Ratsa, the owner of the hotel "Eurasia" (Tyumen).
Among the problems identified by the speakers and participants of "Charity In Russia-2019" were listed:
- the tightening of working conditions for charitable foundations; 
- the growth of spending in charity;
- the bad experience of cooperation between charitable foundations and the state.
"Of course, people, who do good deeds should unite, exchange opinions and experience more often, inspire each other," - Polina Garanina is sure. - "It is necessary to explain to the world why and why they conduct their activities."