Effective — About Children's Cyber-security

PR-Agency "Pioneer" by order of the Tyumen regional Duma has developed a concept of training activities for students. All information about Internet threats necessary for children aged 12-13 is presented in the form of questions in the format of the popular intellectual show " What? Where? When?". 
"The proposed format is interesting because students are not given ready-made answers. They are offered 16 questions to be answered through teamwork and discussion. This allows you to talk about complex and important things with children playfully. Teamwork and active discussion provide an opportunity to better remember the information. And, when many of the answers guys reach themselves in the process of heated disputes, the information they have just never forget, " - told the project coordinator, Deputy of the Tyumen regional Duma Elena Kashkarova.
Games have passed in Tyumen, Golyshmanovsky and Tavdinskiy areas. There are still 8 districts of the Tyumen region until the end of 2019. 
"The age of 12-13 years was chosen due to the fact that at this time, the teenagers surf the web without close adult supervision, faced with such a threat to mental and physical health phenomena as trolling, cyberbullying, refersto, - told Director of "Pioneer" Polina Garanina, so all the issues of games on cyber safety aimed at students to remember how to behave correctly on the Network".