The PR-Agency «Pioneer» conducted a series of actions together with the ORBI Foundation. At 2019 the Agency organized 4 events for the people at IV regional forum "Family" and for businessmen at the charity game #MassOnClub. The action was held to inform citizens about the signs of a stroke. 500 Tyumen residents of different ages... read more →

PR-agency “Pioneer” organized in 2019 a new forum for 1500 teenagers of Tyumen region.  There were three parts: Federal speakers for teenagers. Psychologies for teenagers’s parents. Practice part about finance, elevator-speech, school of models and new education-skills. The videos from the Rocket-forum you can see here: read more →

PR-agency “Pioneer” and internet-portal for the parents  did 3 competitions for Young Racers 4-5 years old in Tyumen region. In Tyumen-city it was tenth competition. 220 children took part in it.  read more →

One hundred businessmen took part in traditional charity Winter Intellectual Game from PR-agency “Pioneer”. All the money (192’000 of rubles and more then 80 new-year presents) were given to “Russian children foundation” for the children of Tyumen region. It was third big game of #MassOnClub. There were 12 teams of... read more →

PR-agency “Pioneer” open real and virtual museum for dental clinic “Doctor Albus” in Tyumen. The most interesting things in it are: teeth of ancient sharks 40 billion years old; paintings of modern Russian artists as “dentist theme” If you want to see all the collection, you have to go to clinic’s website:... read more →

The games of the business charity club #MassOn were organized by the specialists of the PR-Agency "Pioneer" together with the business hotel Eurasia. The theme of the intellectual game in July was ecology. Businessmen answered at 16 questions about waste processing and respect for the Planet, prepared by the main... read more →

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